Baraka (1992)

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Shot on 70mm film, Baraka (meaning blessing) is a cinematic non-narrative feature film shot by director and cinematographer Ron Fricke (Fricke also did the cinematography for Koyaanisqatsi, a similar film). Photographed at 152 locations in 24 countries, Fricke calls his film a “meditation of humanity”; an existentialistic piece that showcases the relationship between humans and nature. The carefully edited shots consisting of art, religion, landscapes, cities, technology, and ruins also serves to illustrate the development of a globalized culture. Fricke alongside producer Mark Magidson, developed their own time lapsed camera for the film. Techniques such as time lapsed footage, long tracking shots, and human portraits, allow Fricke and Magidson to open the portal for viewers to contemplate and reflect on the world and oneself. Baraka is a must see film for all artists and art-interested folks.

Upon watching the film, make sure to watch the behind the scenes one-hour documentary entitled Baraka: A Closer Look. Appreciation and inspiration for the film will grow immensely after viewing.

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